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7-year-old girl endures a hundred dog bites during attack

A 7-year-old girl’s ordeal recently made international news after she was attacked by four dogs and suffered from about 100 bites. She was rushed to a nearby hospital and has been treated for the wounds during the initial surgery but doctors say she will need ongoing medical care and more surgeries in the years to come in order to continue to repair the damage.

Injuries to Children Are Different, and That's Important in Court

Anyone whose child has been seriously injured knows that the consequences are much more serious and long-lasting than they would be for an adult. Beyond the initial pain, some physical damage can affect their physical growth and development. In some cases, the injuries are disfiguring, leaving children to be stared at, teased, isolated and bullied for years.

The 'Dog Body Language' Strategy for Keeping Kids Safe From Bites

Every year, an estimated 800,000 people in the U.S. seek medical attention for dog bites. Sadly, half of those injured by dog bites are children between the ages of five to nine. Yet surely every parent has heard the advice that children should never be left alone with dogs, no matter how friendly they may seem. Are parents simply negligent, or does that advice simply not work?

Facial Wounds to Child in Dog Attack in Oceanside, California

A child sustained facial wounds when she was the victim of a dog attack in Oceanside, California. A pit bull bit a 3-year-old girl in the face when she wandered into the dog's yard in Oceanside, police said. The girl was taken by ambulance to Rady Children's Hospital.

Dog Attack to Child in San Diego County

Another dog attack to a child occurred in San Diego County. A pit bull dog attacked and bit a ten year old girl on Friday, July 13, 2012. The pit bull dog attack occurred at apartments located on North Melrose Drive in Vista, California.

Injuries to Children and Bullying in San Diego Schools

The San Diego School District is stepping up its preventative measures to combat bullying in San Diego Schools and thereby curb the rising tide of injuries to children that result from bullying.

Dog Attack in Oceanside, California Injures Child

On Tuesday, June 27, 2012, at 6:20 p.m., a six year old child was the victim of a pitbull dog attack in Oceanside, CA. The girl and her sister were in a friend's apartment for a few minutes while the victim's father went outside to help a friend remove groceries from the car.  When he returned the pit bull was mauling the six year old girl.

Dangers at School: Injuries to Children

Our children face many dangers at school. Those dangers include molestation and sexual predators. Parents should not have to worry about injuries to children or their children's safety in schools. It is the responsibility of teachers and school districts to ensure that our children remain safe from molestation and sexual abuse. The school and school districts must take any complaint seriously and investigate immediately.

Children and Teens Hurt Walking to School

The areas around schools, whether elementary, middle or high school are particularly dangerous for children and teenagers of all ages. The confluence of vehicles and pedestrians hurrying to school and work is a dangerous mix. There are numerous distractions and dangers. Children crossing the street and parking lots as well as crosswalk accidents result in serious injuries. Our offices has represented many children and teenagers who have been hurt in these types of accidents. Prompt investigation of the accident is crucial. Obtaining and preserving evidence is critical. If your child or teenager has been involved in this type of accident contact us at 866-706-2015. We can help. For more information visit

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