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Roaming Dogs Attack Pedestrians Near South Los Angeles Elementary

Three dogs later identified as purebreds reportedly bit four pedestrians last week, three of them quite seriously. The dogs, two Belgian Malinois shepherds and a Dutch Shepherd, were roaming apparently free in the area around Manhattan Place Elementary School in South Los Angeles and attacked pedestrians unlucky enough to encounter them. Fortunately, no children were bitten.

Obama Says Breed-Specific Bans Don't Reduce Dog Bite Injuries

When President Obama adopted a second White House dog recently -- Sunny, a Portuguese water dog like original First Dog Bo -- the press and public was mesmerized by her cuteness. There was a secondary purpose to the press conference introducing Sunny to the world, as well. In response to a petition on change.org that garnered more than 30,000 signatures, the Administration announced its official position opposing breed-specific legislation as ineffective and a waste of public resources.

New Law Limits Dog Bite Liability for Cities, Not Dog Owners

On Monday, Governor Brown signed AB 265 into law in an effort to make it more attractive for California cities and towns to set up off-leash dog parks by limiting their liability for any injuries caused by dog bites. While it is essential to make sure that people who are seriously injured by dogs have access to fair compensation for their injuries and financial losses, the proposal may not seriously threaten that objective.

Insurers Are Taking Steps to Limit Their Liability for Dog Bites

If you live in California and own a dog, you should know that you can be held financially responsible for the cost of any injury your dog may cause, including dog bite injuries. Most people are able to manage that potential for liability, however, because dog bites are typically covered by homeowners and renters insurance.

Man Left in Handcuffs After 56 Dog Bites and Witness Exoneration

A Northern California man has filed a federal lawsuit against Contra Costa County, the cities of Oakley and Pittsburg, California, and an individual Oakley officer he claims sicced a police dog on him in the course of an armed robbery investigation in which the man was just a bystander. The man was simply walking home from work when he was taken as a suspect and then deliberately attacked and repeatedly bitten by a police dog.

Postal Service Releases City Rankings for Dog Bites on Carriers

On Monday, the U.S. Postal Service's annual National Dog Bite Prevention Week begins, and in anticipation of that event, the postal service has ranked list of how cities compare in terms of dog bites on postal carriers. Sad to say, Los Angeles ranked number one in the list of 20 metro areas.

Family Learns the High Cost of a Dog Bite in California

When a 17-year-old from Stockton was riding his bike a few weeks ago, an unknown dog chased him and bit him on the leg. The dog bite left a painful puncture wound, and despite several searches over the course of a week, the dog could not be located.

Court Upholds $140,000 Judgment for Dog Bite Costs, Disfigurement

It was a sad day for an Illinois couple back in 2008. Not only was their lab-husky mix Tank fatally hit by a truck, but he also severely bit their sister-in-law as he lay dying. Unfortunately, the injuries she sustained from the dog bite required multiple surgeries and left a disfiguring scar. Ultimately, she filed a dog bite claim against the couple in 2010, and it eventually went to jury trial.

Washington Passes Law to Protect State From Dog Bite Victims

Strict liability just got stricter in Washington State. That is to say, when it comes to law enforcement, Washington has just passed a law making it much harder to sue if you're ever bitten by a police dog.

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