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Roaming Dogs Attack Pedestrians Near South Los Angeles Elementary

Three dogs later identified as purebreds reportedly bit four pedestrians last week, three of them quite seriously. The dogs, two Belgian Malinois shepherds and a Dutch Shepherd, were roaming apparently free in the area around Manhattan Place Elementary School in South Los Angeles and attacked pedestrians unlucky enough to encounter them. Fortunately, no children were bitten.

The first of the four dog attacks was witnessed by children in a kindergarten class, who alerted adults. According to the school’s principal, school staff pulled the injured woman into the school and called 911 because the woman’s leg was bleeding. Meanwhile, the school nurse provided first aid. Officials ordered all children and school personnel inside until the dogs were captured.

As the paramedics were on their way to the school, they were notified of three additional attacks that had occurred about a block away, according to a spokesperson for the LA Fire Department. In total, the dogs attacked four pedestrians, all women. Three of them were injured seriously enough to be taken to hospitals, but luckily all of their injuries were non-life-threatening.

A field operations director from Los Angeles Animal Services commented that the dogs were a challenge to capture, requiring “a couple officers” to impound. Emergency responders assumed at first that they were German shepherds, but Animal Services later determined they were the Germans’ less common cousins.

As you are probably aware, German shepherds are commonly used as police dogs because they do well in training and are both strong and fast, making them effective at their jobs.

The dogs had no tags or microchip implants that could help identify the owners. Considering the potential value of the dogs, it’s surprising that no one has come forward to claim them. The dogs are currently in a 10-day quarantine to ensure they don’t carry rabies and to give their owners a chance to come forward. Assuming the dogs aren’t strays, their owners ‘ homeowners insurance is likely the victims’ best chance for obtaining compensation for their injuries.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “No owner surfaces after dogs attack pedestrians near school,” Joseph Serna, Oct. 3, 2013

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