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USPS Dog Bites, Finest City 4th worst in U.S.

San Diego prides itself on being one of the finest cities in the world. Unfortunately when it comes to dog attacks on United States Postal Service (USPS) workers, San Diego is one of the worst. The nation-wide ranking of most dog bites involving United States Postal Service workers for 2013 was released last month, and once again San Diego has some of highest incidents of dogs attacking postal carriers. San Diego ranked 4th on the list with 53 dog bites.

Every year, USPS releases the statistics as part of the annual dog bite prevention week to help raise awareness of how serious the issue is. Some cities such as Columbus, Ohio made their first appearance in the top 10. San Diego on the other hand has held onto its abysmal ranking for years. This creates a challenging situation for San Diego letter carriers and postal workers, who have to risk their health and safety every day just to deliver the mail.

The risk to USPS workers could be reduced if each individual dog owner takes a little extra time to restrain their animal when mail and packages are being delivered. When viewed as a whole, the San Diego dog bite problem seems like an enormous issue that is near impossible to fix. However, if each individual dog owner takes the extra step of restraining their dog, the enormous problem suddenly becomes much more manageable.

A little extra effort on the part of dog owners can save time, money, and heartache for both the dog owners and the postal carriers. Popular culture often depicts dogs attacking postal carriers in a humorous manner. However, the reality of a dog attack is no laughing matter. Dogs are capable of inflicting a tremendous amount of damage in an extremely short period of time. Dog bites can cause death, disfigurement, pain and distress. In California, dog owners are strictly liable for any damage caused by their dog. Thus, the owners are entirely responsible for the injuries and damages associated with a dog bite.

The USPS's statistics graphically demonstrate this serious issue. Dog attacks on letter carriers are very serious and far from a laughing matter.

Since 1978, The Law Offices of David P. Beeson has provided legal counsel to victims of dog bites and their families. Experienced legal counsel makes a difference in dog bite and dog attack cases. If you, or a loved one, have been attacked by a dog contact us at 619-233-6078. For more information visit our website at

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