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San Diego Dog Bites, heroic cat saves toddler

A 4 year old boy who sustained severe dog bites has a lot to be thankful for, after a bystander's heroic act of bravery fended off the dog thereby preventing further injury to the boy. The remarkable part of the story is the brave bystander being a tabby cat. The cat, named Tara, was captured on security camera on May 13 when she pounced on a dog that attacked her 4-year-old owner Jeremy Triantafilo. The video, which has garnered 21 million views on YouTube, shows the dog biting and attempting to drag the boy. Within seconds, Tara leapt onto the dog, and in a flurry of hair and nails chased the canine away.

Heroic acts of bravery aside, Jeremy and his parents must still face the aftermath of a dog attack. As touching as the cat's show of loyalty is, the dog was still able to inflict severe injuries during the brief attack. The boy's physical injuries included deep tearing wounds of the tissue and leg muscles leg. The wounds required 10 sutures to close the wounds.

The threat of dog bites poses a serious risk to young children. California law recognizes the inherent wild nature of domestic dogs. Thus, dog owners are strictly liable for the injuries caused by their dog.  Dogs attack prey they have a better chance of dominating, and tend to avoid attacking larger "prey" that presents risk to them. Thus, children often become the victims of dog bites. In 2013, 56% of all fatal dog bites involved children aged 7-years and younger.

Even when a dog's bites are not fatal, the scarring and disfigurement affects a victim for the rest of their life. Facial dog bites and resulting disfigurement is a significant injury that will affect a person for life.

Obtaining experienced legal counsel to represent the victim of a dog attack is paramount. Lawyers who have experience in dog attack cases will obtain evidence that considers all aspects of the injuries sustained by the victim. Those injuries include the past and future physical damages such as surgery for reconstructive scar revision and the emotional injuries attendant to the actual attack and resulting physical deformation.

Since 1978, The Law Offices of David P. Beeson has provided legal counsel to victims of dog bites and their families. Experienced legal counsel makes a difference in dog bite and dog attack cases. If you, or a loved one, have been attacked by a dog contact us at 619-233-6078. For more information visit our website at

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