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March 2014 Archives

Fatal Del Mar drunk driving accident, Rachel Morrison killed

A fatal drunk driving accident took the life of 27 year-old Rachel Anne Morrison on March 28, 2014. The accident occurred on Camino Del Mar and Coast Boulevard in Del Mar, California. Ms. Morrison, a pedestrian, was crossing the street, when Christopher Stockmeyer ran a stop-sign at a high rate of speed, striking and killing Ms. Morrison.

Fatal car accidents, Barona Tribal Enforcement officer guilty

Sadly, fatal car accidents are no anomaly in California. On March 15, 2014, 53 year-old Graciela Bustos was killed in a head-on collision in Ramona California on the Barona Ranch Indian Reservation. A 2007 Ford Expedition crossed over the double yellow line and struck Ms. Bustos' Nissan while she was driving on Wildcat Canyon Road. Ms. Bustos was transported to Sharp Memorial Hospital where she later died from her injuries. The driver of the Expedition was later identified as a Barona Tribal Enforcement Officer, and the Expedition he was driving was a marked Tribal Enforcement vehicle.

San Diego car accidents, city liable for unsafe road conditions

A dramatic rise in single-driver car accidents has left San Diego residents wondering whether their roadways are being properly maintained by the city. This week, William Anthony Dibernardo, Alan Phillips, and Edward V Meza all lost their lives on San Diego roadways. The common thread among the accidents was that no other drivers were involved. The drivers lost control of their own vehicles for unknown reasons and veered off of the road.

Liability Debate over dog bites brings up important questions

A debate among state lawmakers highlighted some of the key issues in determining who is the responsible party when a dog bites a human. State laws on dog bite liability vary widely across the country, reflecting different viewpoints on the duties of a dog owner. On one side are those who support what is essentially strict liability for dog owners - they must be held responsible no matter the circumstances when their dog bites another person. Strict liability means there is only one question - did the dog bite the human? If the answer is yes the owner is held responsible.

San Diego Dog Bites, Homeowners Insurance Policies Exclusions

When it comes to dog bites, this blog traditionally focuses on the victims of attacks and the avenues of legal recovery they can pursue. It is equally important to advise dog owners on insurance matters to ensure that should an attack happen, victims have a sufficient source of recovery, and dog owners have insurance to provide defense and pay for the victim's damages.

Wrongful Death, Uber Expands Coverage for San Diego Victims

Following a precedent-setting wrongful death suit brought against Uber earlier this year, Uber and Lyft have expanded their insurance policies to cover accidents that occur while a driver is accepting fares but is not currently transporting a customer. Prior to the change, Uber's insurance policy would only cover their drivers' accidents if they were carrying a customer at the time the accident occurred. If an accident occurred while the driver did not have a fare, the only source of recovery for the victims was the driver's personal insurance coverage.

San Diego Car Accidents on Mission Gorge, Road Rage Is to Blame

Road rage often is a cause of car accidents in San Diego. On March 13, 2014 road rage apparently was the cause of an injury traffic accident in the 7800 block of Mission Gorge Road. A female driving a 2013 BMW and a male driving a 1997 Ford Ranger jockeyed in and out of traffic and eventually collided. Both vehicles sustained damage. The driver of the Ford Ranger was injured.

San Diego Dog Bites, Children Most Common Victims

The threat of dog bites is a reality for San Diegans. We are blessed with great weather. A natural accompaniment to the warmer climate is many opportunities for outdoor activity. For dog owners this means taking the dog for a walk. According to San Diego County Animal Control, San Diego's 3.2 million residents share our County with more than 1 million pets and sheltered animals. Given the facts, it's worthwhile to take a moment to reflect on how dog bites occur, how to prevent them, and what to do if a dog does indeed bite.

David Voigt Killed, Chula Vista Bicycle Accidents

As the weather warms, tragic bicycle accidents become more frequent. On March 3, 2014, 44-year-old Chula Vista resident David Voigt was struck and killed by 29-year-old Michael Reyes on 100 East J Street. As Mr. Voigt was riding his bike home from work, Mr. Reyes' vehicle crossed over the dividing line into oncoming traffic and collided with Mr. Voigt. Mr. Voigt was rushed to UCSD Medical Center, where he died from multiple blunt force injuries sustained in the accident. Police later learned that the vehicle Mr. Reyes was driving was stolen, and that Mr. Reyes had been drinking alcohol before the accident occurred.

Fatal Car Accidents at Rancho Santa Fe Road and Calle Barcelona

A fatal car accident occurred in Carlsbad at the intersection of Rancho Santa Fe Road and Calle Barcelona on February 24, 2014. The driver of a Buick sedan apparently ran a red light and smashed into a Ford Mustang. Multiple witnesses reported that the Buick sedan was driving at a very high rate of speed. This intersection has been the scene of several fatal car accidents.

7-year-old girl endures a hundred dog bites during attack

A 7-year-old girl’s ordeal recently made international news after she was attacked by four dogs and suffered from about 100 bites. She was rushed to a nearby hospital and has been treated for the wounds during the initial surgery but doctors say she will need ongoing medical care and more surgeries in the years to come in order to continue to repair the damage.

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