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San Marcos Motorcycle Accident, Mark Robert Mchose Killed

A deadly motorcycle accident occurred on West Mission road in San Marcos on February 22nd, killing Encinitas resident Mark Robert Mchose. Mr. Mchose was killed in an intersection accident at West Madison and Pico Avenue. The accident is under investigation.

Mr. Mchose was riding his motorcycle through the intersection when a 41 year old San Marcos resident drove his GMC Yukon SUV into the intersection. The two vehicles collided and Mr. Mchose was thrown off of his motorcycle and onto the road. Mr. Mchose was rushed to Palomar Hospital, where he died shortly thereafter.

The accident is under investigation by the San Marcos Station Traffic Division, and likely the insurance companies for both the Yukon driver and Mr. Mchose's family. Private investigation should also be promptly initiated to ensure that all relevant evidence is preserved, and that all relevant causes of action and avenues of recovery are thoroughly explored.

For Mr. Mchose's family this time is filled with grief and anxiety. Hopefully, Mr. Mchose carried vehicle insurance on his motorcycle. If so that vehicle insurance through the medical payment coverage can provide a source of recovery, regardless of fault, to help offset any monetary costs associated with Mr. Mchose's death, such as funeral and other related expenses.

In matters such as this, experienced legal counsel can help. At the Law Offices of David P. Beeson, we have been helping victims of motorcycle accidents for more than 35 years. The Law Offices of David P. Beeson can help. Visit our website at or call us at 619-233-6078.


My nephew got in a motorcycle accident at a cross section when the lights were not working. A big truck hit him...fortunately he was not killed but he did have numerous injuries and had to have multiple surgeries. He also lost his job as he was unable to work for a long time period. He had minimal health insurance. Fortunately he had an excellent attorney who was negotiate a settlement with the insurance companies and the hospital. A good attorney like Mr. Beeson makes a huge difference!

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