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February 2014 Archives

Pedestrian, Oceanside Hit and Run Accident

A driver killed a pedestrian who was a 53 year-old single Oceanside man on February 26, 2014. Charles D. Soltysiak was struck as he was walking his dog on the Cassidy Street overpass above Interstate 5 around 8:30 p.m. The driver of the vehicle that killed Charles D. Soltysiak has been identified as 23-year-old Christian Thibodeau. After striking Mr. Soltysiak, Mr. Thibodeau apparently panicked, then left the scene, and sped home to get his father.

San Diego Animal Bites, Petco Sells Infected Pet Rat

Deadly animal bites in San Diego can come in a wide variety of forms, from savage dog attacks, to exotic animals wreaking havoc. However, the wrongful death of a San Diego 10 year old boy came from a surprising culprit: a pet rat purchased from the commercial pet store, Petco.

San Marcos Motorcycle Accident, Mark Robert Mchose Killed

A deadly motorcycle accident occurred on West Mission road in San Marcos on February 22nd, killing Encinitas resident Mark Robert Mchose. Mr. Mchose was killed in an intersection accident at West Madison and Pico Avenue. The accident is under investigation.

Fatal Drunk Driving Accident on Route 94 In San Diego

A deadly drunk driving accident occurred on Route 94 in San Diego on Sunday February 23, 2014, killing La Mesa resident John Mathew Hajosy. The driver of the black BMW sedan that killed Mr. Hajosy was intoxicated and driving on the wrong side of State Route 94 when he collided head-on with the Hajosy vehicle.

Personal Injury, CA Party Hosts Liable if Cover Charge Collected

With Spring Break right around the corner, San Diego residents can anticipate underage drinking that always accompanies the warmer seasons. It is no mystery that the combination of minors and alcohol is disastrous. This combination can lead to senseless personal injury and death. Typically minors choose to drink at huge parties thrown at someone's house when their parents are out of town. As guests enter the party, the hosts ask for money or collect a cover charge to help offset the cost of alcohol. During or after the party, the underage drinkers stumble out of the house and make regrettable decisions that cause harm to others.

San Diego Hit and Run Pattern, Crime Stoppers Can Help

After a deadly string of hit and run accidents shook the San Diego community during the past few months, victims and their families are often left without the identity of the perpetrator. On Wednesday February 12 of this year, 20-year-old Carlsbad resident Vincent Edward Zellefrow Jr. was hit by a 17-year-old girl who was under the influence of alcohol and drugs. While under the influence, she hit Vincent while he was skateboarding with a friend. Vincent did not survive the accident. The 17 year-old-driver fled the scene.  Quick investigation found both the vehicle and the driver.

Don't underestimate the danger of cat bites

When one thinks of a dangerous animal bite we usually think of something like a dog bite or being bitten by a wild animal that could be rabid. It is true that these types of bites are common and can cause serious injury, but a new study reveals that there is one type of animal bite many people may be overlooking – cat bites. Cat bites comprise only 10 to 15 percent of animal bites that are treated in emergency rooms and as such are relatively uncommon but these bites can still pose special risks to victims.

Underage Drunk Driver Arrested, Memorial for Slain Carlsbad Youth

After a 17 year-old drunk driver killed their son in Carlsbad last week, the parents of Vincent Edward Zellefrow Jr. will be hosting a memorial in his honor this coming Saturday. Vincent was a bright, energetic young man who was studying at MiraCosta College with plans to transfer to UC Berkley to train to become a music teacher. Sadly, his aspirations came to a close far too soon, after a 17 year old drunk driver hit Vincent while he was skateboarding with a friend and then fled the scene. The underage driver also had illegal narcotics in her system at the time of her arrest.

Drunk Driver Causes Wrongful Death of Young Carlsbad Man

There are few things more tragic than the wrongful death of a young, promising life caused by a drunk driver. Vincent Edward Zellefrow Jr. of Carlsbad was an  outgoing 20-year old man who loved music and skateboarding. Zellefrow was attending MiraCosta college with intentions to transfer to UC Berkley to pursue a career as a music teacher.

Murrieta Lowes Dog Bites, Felony Arrest for Dog Owner

After his large Akita dog viciously attacked a child in a local Murrieta Lowes earlier this year, Robert Kahn was arrested this month on charges of felony negligence. The young victim-who approached the dog to pet him after being invited by the dog's owner-needed an astonishing 50 stitches to close the gaping facial injury and wounds resulting from the dog bites. The story doesn't stop there; the Murrieta Lowes was well-known for allowing dog owners to let their dogs roam freely around the store, leash or no leash, and had no rules or regulations regarding dogs posted whatsoever.

Tragic Hit-and-Run Wrongful Death, 81 Year-Old San Ysirdo Victim

A hit and run driver caused the wrongful death of an 81 year-old married San Ysirdo man on February 9, 2014. Alonso Florez Pacheco was struck as he was walking south on East San Ysirdo Boulevard at 6:02 a.m. The vehicle that struck and killed Mr. Pacheco was a black vehicle travelling westbound. After striking Mr. Pacheco, the driver immediately fled the scene, leaving Mr. Pacheco for dead.

Wrongful Death of Escondido Man, Hit-and-Run Driver

A hit and run driver caused the wrongful death of a well-known and well-loved Escondido man on February 3rd. Benjamin Ramirez was struck as he was walking home from a friend's house, following his shift at the local Albertson's. The vehicle involved was a white, box U-haul style, truck. After striking Mr. Ramirez, the driver slowed for a moment before fleeing the scene, leaving Mr. Ramirez to die.

Settlement reached in police dog bite case

A man has reached a settlement agreement with a local police department over an incident in which he was attacked and injured by a police dog. The incident took place while the dog and his handler were out looking for a suspect in a crime, and the man was out walking in morning by himself. The dog was on a very long, 30-foot lead at the time of the attack, when he came over the top of a hill ahead of his handler and jumped on the man who was walking.

North Park Motorcycle Accident Hit and Run

In a tragic motorcycle accident on January 31st, a well-known and well-loved local prop director of the Old Globe theater lost his life, after a hit-and-run left the San Diego motorcyclist dead and his passenger injured. Seamus O'Bryan and his passenger were approaching the intersection of University Avenue and Granada Avenue in North Park when the driver of a 4-door sedan collided with Seamus's motorcycle. The sedan stopped briefly, and then fled the scene. Despite aggressive life saving measures, Mr. O'Bryan died shortly after his arrival at Scripps Mercy Hospital. Mr. O'Bryan's passenger suffered scrapes, bruises, chest and leg pain, but survived the motorcycle accident.

Slough of Police Dog Bites, Hayward Paying Out Huge Settlements

The city of Hayward is paying $225,000 to settle a case after a kennel worker sustained severe dog bites from a police K-9 that was being boarded at a local kennel.  The kennel worker suffered dog bites to both legs, and had to be treated at a local hospital for an infection that resulted from the dog bites. The case is the third in a string of vicious dog attacks involving Hayward police K-9's, where the city has paid out substantial settlements to the victims over the past year.

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