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Dog Bites 3-Year Old Boy Inside Murrieta Lowes

A 3-Year old Murrieta boy sustained severe dog bites by a large Japanese Akita dog at a local Lowe's Home Improvement on the 28th of January. After the dog's owner invited the child to pet his dog, the dog responded with bites to the boy's jaw, neck and forehead. The boy was rushed to Inland Valley Regional Medical Center, where his injuries required an astonishing 50 stitches to close the facial injuries with likely permanent disfigurement.

The Murrieta store allows dogs to freely roam the aisles.  According to news reports Lowe's official corporate policy regarding dogs in their stores is unclear. What is clear is the Murrieta location had no signs, warnings, or rules posted to help regulate owners and their dogs. The only information posted regarding dogs permits handicap service dogs to accompany their disabled owners into the store.

Service dogs are usually expertly trained and certified. However, given the unchecked behavior of dogs and their owners in the store, it appears that the store's staff takes no measures to differentiate between certified service dogs and uncertified domestic dogs. The result is that any dog owner is allowed to bring their dog into the store.  The failure of the store to provide a safe shopping environment and to have a clear policy regarding animals in the store is negligence.  

This child's story is tragic and, sadly, far from unique. Dog bites happen suddenly, often without any provocation by the victims whatsoever. Japanese Akitas-the dog involved in this attack-are known to be peaceful, loyal dogs to their owners, but skittish around strangers. This can lure their owners into bringing their dogs into public spaces, where the dogs then  lash out and bite.

In California dog owners are strictly liable for injuries and damages caused by their dog attacking and biting another person.  In this situation the store may also be liable for this child's injuries and damages.

Not every dog will bark, but every dog can bite. If your child has been the victim of a dog bite or attack, or if you or a loved one is hurt, or killed, due to a dog bite or dog attack, experienced legal representation can make all the difference. For over 35 years our attorneys at the Law Office of David P. Beeson have been helping victims of dog attacks. Experience counts. Visit our website at or call us at 619-233-6078.

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