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January 2014 Archives

Man Killed in Tragic Bicycle Accident

A 43 year old man was killed in a tragic bicycle accident on January 26, 2014. Gerald Zoleta Garcia was riding his bike with a friend in the designated bicycling lane when he was struck and killed by a car. Garcia was flung from his bike where he died on the spot from blunt force trauma to his brain. Garcia's friend was not injured.

Uber Sued for Wrongful Death of San Francisco Girl

Uber is being sued for wrongful death after one of its drivers struck and killed a 6 year-old girl in San Francisco earlier this month. The law suit is a unique one, because Uber has been directly sued for wrongful death following an accident caused by one of its drivers.

Driver invovled in fatal accident in California still on the run

A fatal accident can happen in a lot of different ways, but they almost always leave families shaken and trying to cope with their grief. In some cases, an individual can be at fault and may be held either criminally or civilly liable -- or even both. One recent California car crash has tragically turned into a fatal accident and authorities are seeking the driver believed to have committed a hit-and-run.

Deadly Drunk Driving Accident on Interstate 805 in San Diego

A fatal drunk driving accident occurred on January 10th on I-805 in San Diego. The drunk driver, William Cady, survived the accident, but three of his friends who were passengers in his vehicle were pronounced dead on site. According to prosecutors, Cady's friends asked him multiple times to slow down his vehicle, to which Cady responded, "This is my car, and I will drive as fast as I want..." Shortly thereafter, Cady lost control of the vehicle, which flipped over, causing several following vehicles to smash into Cady's flipped vehicle. The drivers of the following vehicles sustained injuries after their cars slammed into Cady's flipped SUV.

Parents of Teen Killed in Asiana Airlines Crash File Suit

The parents of a teenage girl who was killed following the Asiana Airlines crash last summer have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of San Francisco. An autopsy showed that the Chinese national didn't die in the fiery crash but was instead run over by rescue vehicles at the scene.

Child Killed in Fatal Car Accident Caused by Uber Driver

A child killed on New Years Eve is a tragedy touching entire communities. When the fatal car accident involves a vehicle being operated by a ride for hire Uber driver striking a group of pedestrians the tragedy raises serious questions. The fatal car accident occurred in San Francisco when a fee based ride service driver struck the child and other pedestrians. The vehicle driver was working with Uber.

Little Hope for Oakland Girl Left Brain Dead After Tonsillectomy

On Dec. 9, a 13-year-old girl who had been suffering from sleep apnea was taken to Children’s Hospital Oakland for a routine surgery to remove her tonsils, adenoids and uvula. Although complications from this common childhood surgery are rare, they can be extremely serious. The girl began bleeding heavily and was kept overnight, but the medical team was unable to prevent a massive hemorrhage in her brain. She went into cardiac arrest and was declared brain dead on Dec. 12.

Dog Bites 3-Year Old Boy Inside Murrieta Lowes

A 3-Year old Murrieta boy sustained severe dog bites by a large Japanese Akita dog at a local Lowe's Home Improvement on the 28th of January. After the dog's owner invited the child to pet his dog, the dog responded with bites to the boy's jaw, neck and forehead. The boy was rushed to Inland Valley Regional Medical Center, where his injuries required an astonishing 50 stitches to close the facial injuries with likely permanent disfigurement.

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