Case Results

1) Head On vehicle collision with U. S. Border Patrol Agent. Result: $3,650,000

2) Dog Attack on USPS mail carrier. Result: $600,000. Dog owner's insurance and the insurance company for the landlord of the dog owner each paid policy limits

3) Fall from Golf Cart. Result: $500,000. Golf Cart Driver's homeowners insurance paid policy limits

4) Dog Attack on 7 year old boy. Result: $301,000. Dog owner's insurance paid policy limits

5) Dog Attack on 8 year old boy while in care of babysitter visiting dog owner's home. Result: $200,000 The homeowner's policy of both Babysitter and Dog Owner paid policy limits

6) Dog Attack on 14 year old boy. Result: $300,000 plus $65,000 punitive damages against dog owner

7) Off Road Racing Accident in Mojave Desert. Result: $5,800,000 collectively for all victims

8) Pedestrian, 14 year old girl, hit in crosswalk at high school by SUV driven by student. Result: $250,000

9) Rear End Auto Accident. Victim is a 42 year old woman with preexisting medical condition to her back and spine. Result: $100,000 policy limits

10) Slip and Fall on ice cream in department store. Result: $50,000

11) Automobile Defective Design. Seatbelt design defect and failure. 17 year old female seated in the middle back seat of 1998 Lincoln Continental Mark 8 wearing her seatbelt. Single car accident. Result: $515,000; $30,000 by driver's insurance and $485,000 by Ford

12) Automobile Defective Design. Rollover. Single car accident. 25 year old man driving Suzuki Samurai. Result: $175,000 by Suzuki Motor Company